Wesley Center History:

“As a public school primary teacher, I learned very quickly that the pupils who had attended Wesley were better prepared, well-mannered, and as a whole, ready for first grade instruction. We needed Wesley then, we need Wesley now, and we will need Wesley in the coming years!” Audrey S. Corder, October 22, 1992

Wesley Community Center was founded in October 1942 to prepare 4 and 5 year old children of Hispanic migrant workers with school readiness programs and to teach thelady and kidsm English. Mothers were taught sewing while the children were in classes. Wesley provided these first Kindergarten programs for 15 years until it was incorporated into the public schools.

The first program to assist and train handicapped children was piloted by our Robstown Center from 1968 to 1974 until the school district assumed the instruction. The children’s classes remained housed at Wesley until 1981 when the children were officially moved into the public schools.

Child care services were added to our programs in 1969 with 8 children enrolled. We currently provide this service to hundreds each year. Wesley Community Center was selected as one of the first United Way agencies in 1971 when United Way first came to the Coastal Bend area. The State of Texas awarded Wesley a contract in 1988 to assist working parents and parents attending school or training with child care. Wesley has been designated since 1992 to present as a prestigious 4 Star Texas Rising Star vendor by the State of Texas for our continuous quality early childhoodgrad2 development programs.

On December 1, 2001, Wesley stepped out in faith and at the request of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and United Way to undertake and expand our programs and services to include homeless children and families in the Corpus Christi area. HUD requires a minimum of 50 homeless children be served via their grant each year. Wesley provides services to over 200 homeless children each year at no cost to the parent or shelter and no additional reimbursement from HUD.