1946“I realized my children and I had become statistics. We were the stereotypical single-parent family living at the poverty level. I knew I wanted a better life for my children . . . I am forever grateful for everyone at Wesley Community Center that made it possible for me to change the course of my life and that of my children.”  Ester Sanchez, Wesley Parent


“Wesley Community Center never seemed like a day care to me. It was more like extended family. My child’s needs and wants were exceedingly met. Although other parents at my office often wondered throughout the day if their child was being taken care of, fed, changed, etc., leaving my daughter in the care of Wesley I never doubted a thing. I always knew she was in good hands.”  Sylvia Campos Aguilar, Wesley Parent

We have been very blessed at Wesley Community Center to have been able to provide a loving, nurturing environment for over 70 years to low-income children and families. Each and every day, our work touches the lives of those under-served and less fortunate. Many of them are in greater need than most of us can ever imagine. Your assistance can help relieve us of the debt owed on our Corpus Christi facility so that we may focus on helping more children and families who desperately need a safe haven and a permanent place to live. Other assistance can help us with providing funding for capital expenses, supplies, equipment, etc

  • 15 passenger van to transport homeless children to and from our Corpus Christi Center – $40,000
  • Flooring for children’s cafeteria and Food Pantry at Corpus Christi Center – $25,000
  • Commercial freezers for both Centers – $5,000 each
  • Commercial refridgerators for both Centers – $5,000 each
  • Playground equipment for both Centers – $5,000 each
  • Lunch for a week for children at both our Centers – $800
  • Gasoline/repairs for vans to transport children – $600 a month
  • Paper goods (toilet paper, baby wipes, etc) for a week – $200