Programs and Services

I know I am unable to pay for your services even though you deserve a lot, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Wesley Community Center and the wonderful things you do.” Shelter Parent, October 25, 2011

Although there are many agencies that provide high quality child care services, Wesley Community Center is different in three very specific ways.

First and Most Important – Wesley serves a large number of homeless children living in emergency shelters and/or transitional housing facilities, and is one of the very few quality childcare centers in rural Nueces County. Our programs offer a healthy, developmentally appropriate learning experience that nurtures children to build confidence, character and self-worth.

Each year, Wesley’s childcare program provides services to hundreds of homeless children, children placed under child protective services, and children of low to mid income parents. The children receive the best of care from loving and nurturing staff members. Certified by the State of Texas as a 4 Star Vendor, Wesley has a well-trained staff that uses a diverse curriculum, which allows children to grow cognitively and socially. Our goal is that 93% of the children meet 90% of their targeted developmental milestones.

Secondly – Unique to the community, Wesley Community Center provides transportation between our facility and four area homeless shelters as well as between the schools and our Center. Our childcare centers are open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Without transportation services, many of our children would not be able to access our services.

Homeless Parents are provided childcare while they participate in activities that lead to education, employment, permanent housing and/or seeking medical treatment. Childcare while parents are working is unlimited as long as the family is residing in a shelter or transitional housing. In 2012, our homeless program successfully served over 200 homeless children and families. In 2011, Wesley staff prepared and provided 25,452 meals for all our daycare children meeting 2/3 of their daily nutritional needs. 95% of our total enrollment are families who live at or below the poverty level.

Finally – Wesley operates the ONLY food pantry open Monday through Friday in rural Nueces County. This much needed social service at both our Centers serves overĀ 6,500 people annually, the majority of whom are senior citizens and children.

Community Services Volunteers in Mission and Wesley staff reach out to the communities that we serve to help with quality of life projects for low-income elderly and/or handicapped citizens.