Wesley Community Center has touched the lives of so many mothers and children in the more than 70 years that we have served the Corpus Christi and Robstown, Texas area. We invite you to read just a few of the wonderful compliments we’ve received.


Forever Grateful for Everyone at Wesley Community Center

“I realized my children and I had become statistics. We were the stereotypical single-parent family living at the poverty level. I knew I wanted a better life for my children . . . I am forever grateful for everyone at Wesley Community Center that made it possible for me to change the course of my life and that of my children.” Ester Sanchez, Wesley Parent


Grateful for Wesley Community Center

“I know I am unable to pay for your services even though you deserve a lot, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Wesley Community Center and the wonderful things you do.” Shelter Parent, October 25, 2011


In Total Compliance with all Rules and Regulations

“A monitoring review of Wesley Community Center’s HUD Homeless Children’s Grant and supporting ESG grant was conducted August 28, 2012. The overall review of these two programs revealed that Wesley Community Center is in total compliance with all rules and regulations mandated by HUD and the City of Corpus Christi and the agency received no findings or concerns regarding the administration of these two federal grants.” Rudy Bentancourt, City of Corpus Christi CD Administrator


We Need Wesley Community Center

“As a public school primary teacher, I learned very quickly that the pupils who had attended Wesley were better prepared, well-mannered, and as a whole ready for first grade instruction. We needed Wesley then, we need Wesley now, and we will need Wesley in the coming years!” Audreys. Corder, October22, 1992


Wesley Community Center- An Extended Family

“Wesley Community Center never seemed like a day care to me. It was more like extended family. My child’s needs and wants were exceedingly met. Although other parents at my office often wondered throughout the day if their child was being taken care of, fed, changed, etc., leaving my daughter in the care of Wesley I never doubted a thing. I always knew she was in good hands.”   Sylvia Campos Aguilar, Wesley Parent